About Us

Enabling you to provide best-in-class IT services without the expenses associated with direct-hire employees.

With Techs To Go’s remote Dedicated Technical Support, distance doesn’t matter.

Since 2001, Techs To Go has been a leading provider of IT technicians to managed services providers (MSPs) -- both large and small throughout the United States. Our technological proficiency combined with our expertise in human resources allow us to supply skillful, dedicated technical support personnel to MSPs, helping them deliver unparalleled IT services to their clients.

All our technicians are computer science graduates with solid backgrounds in IT, possessing all the skills required for each technology service. Partner with us today and relieve your business from the costly burden of hiring in-house staff. Our happy, passionate, self-motivated people are ready to work remotely for you full time, whether by answering your clients’ requests, handling tickets, solving IT problems, or providing exceptional customer services -- because at Techs To Go, distance doesn’t matter.


Why outsource your IT department to Techs To Go?

  • High-level professionalism - Our staff are hard-working people with respectful attitudes
  • Well-developed expertise - Our staff are cross-trained and posses computer science degrees from accredited universities
  • Team environment - Our dedicated technicians can collaborate with all members of your team
  • Guaranteed coverage - We provide you with 40 hours per week coverage
  • Scalability - Our dedicated tech support solutions can be scaled up to suit your growth and expansion plans